Adam Joseph Resources (M) Sdn Bhd advocates healthy and environmental friendly life styles by focusing our activities on the protections of environment and the harmonious interactions between people and the surroundings.

With our global presence, we strive to eradicate unhealthy exploitation of our mother earth. AJR Group provides alternatives solutions for more sustainable use, recycle and reuse of nature resources through our ever advancing technologies and ideas. This will help to strike a balance in our efforts of maintaining a more sustainable environment while we continue upgrading our standard of living.

AJR Group has been actively participating in the activities of evaluations, research and development of environmental protections solutions in United States and Europe. Recently we are putting more of our attention into Asian region, where the environments are deteriorating and natural resources protection and recycling has become a serious challenge;

With our firm believe and passion on the concept of environment protections, we can help to improve the environment in Asian countries by actively participating in the recycling market using our advanced mode of operations and our extensive experience.

AJR Group expands the channels of various natural resources flow via our closely linked international trade ties. We plays very prominent role in the nature resources recycling business especially in the area of metal material. Our representatives in United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East countries constantly liaises with our international partners and the respective local business community in industrial, financial, technological and other relevant sectors. We have established a wide range of cooperative relationship with them to facilitate and provide immediate connections and interaction between the world¡¯s supplies and demands market.

AJR Group¡¯s decades of experience in international trade helps enhance overall professionalism of recycling businesses. Services we provide includes international trade consulting, setting up of business processes, project planning, risk management and other related services. These will greatly enhance the maturity of recycling market and significantly reduce the procurements and investment risks.

AJR Group has earned good reputations with our advanced management style and our green business sense in the industry. We are ready to serve and would also like to extend our sincere invitation to individuals, groups and enterprises to share this common interest and to contribute our effort for a better future environment.


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